Welcome to a new lifestyle, a healthier, happier lifestyle with Pilates Plus Fitness. Our Pilates and fitness programs are designed to get you into shape, inside and out. Not only will you look better, but you will feel better too. The Pilates Plus Fitness Studio provides classes to fit to your schedule.

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Pilates Mat
60 Minutes
Required equipment:
2 lb Toning Ball
5 ft Theraband
Non Slip Mat
Body Tone
65 Minutes
Required equipment:
Hand Held Weights 3 - 5 lbs
Non Slip Mat
Proper Athletic Footwear
45 - 60 mins
Required equipment:
Wear fun clothes to dance in. Bring Shoes, water bottle and a towel!
You will sweat.
Mix it UP
45 - 60 mins
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Required equipement:
You will need to bring your own equipment
Testimonals From Clients
Speaker 1

Alice Ritchie


"Expert, well-structured classes in a convenient, affordable country setting your body thanks you every day for treating it so well!"

Speaker 1

Tracy Wouters

“I have been attending pilates classes with Susan for 3 years and have loved every moment of it. I have found that doing Pilates has dramatically helped me in many different areas of my life...everything from increased strength and endurance to my ability to concentrate on my breathing in order to keep myself calm in stressful situations. Due to my increased core strength I am able to ski better, run longer and generally feel better about myself. I think that anyone of any age can do pilates and feel great. Susan is engaging and attentive to all participants helping to ensure proper technique to maximize the benefits of her class. I love her classes and look forward to each and every one.”

Speaker 1



“Susan at Pilates Plus is an excellent fitness instructor! Not only is she very knowledgeable about Pilates and fitness generally, she also gives easy to follow instructions during class, and is always motivating. Susan really cares about her students, and encourages everyone to work at their own pace during the classes. I like the fact that she seeks feedback often from participants to ensure that she is satisfying everyone’s fitness needs. There is always a range of ages and fitness levels in the classes, and Susan works hard to make sure that everyone is meeting their objectives. I recommend Susan’s classes to everyone- no matter what your current fitness level.”

About Susan

Susan Capone pursues a lifelong interest in health and fitness. She studied exercise physiology, as well as, business in the United States. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in 1984.
A career with the YMCA in the USA and Canada, involved her as a Fitness Instructor Trainer of Trainers, and as a Program Director and Adult Services Manager for the Ron Edwards Family YMCA in Burlington, On.
Most currently, she continues to partner with the YMCA and Hamilton Health Sciences in a Bone and Joint Health Program called “IN MOTION” delivered to those individuals with joint health issues and / or hip and knee replacements; osteoarthritis; or osteoporosis. This instructor specializes in exercise prescription for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis conditions; as well as bone health issues.
Over the past twenty - six years, Susan has acquired numerous certifications from professional associations such as: Canfitpro; AAFA; Les Mills International; Zumba®; Balanced Body Pilates; STOTT Pilates and the Physical Mind Institute.
She has taught a variety of fitness programs in the industry since 1988. Step Aerobics; Aerobic dance; strip-tease dance; ZUMBA®; urban rebounding; body toning; yoga; yogafit®; kick boxing; stretch and tone; gentlefit; and Body Pump - Les Mills International.
Since completing certification in the Pilates Technique in 1997, it remains her favorite mode of exercise. She pursues continuing education in this area of fitness annually.
In 2008, she started Pilates Plus Fitness in Rural Halton. Susan works hard to preserve the traditional techniques of Joseph Pilates, and incorporates safes modifications when required to make the exercises more ergonomic and appropriate for each individual

“My goal for Pilates Plus Fitness is to provide a fun, safe and non-judgmental environment for women in the community to exercise and have fun. It is well known that giving your body new challenges keeps it changing and stops you from hitting that "plateau" that we are all too familiar with. I’ve been helping people break through physical and psychological barriers to achieve life-changing levels of self esteem, strength, energy, flexibility and ‘balanced’ fitness for over twenty six years!“
Susan Capone

  • Do I need to register in advance?

    Yes! Classes fill up fast, so register early to avoid disappointment! It is sometimes possible to register the day of class, call first to ensure that there is a space for you.
    Class size is limited.
    NO Non -registered Drop-ins PLEASE ! Drop - ins are allowed for registered participants only, space permitting.
    Join anytime; space permitting. Fees will be pro-rated.

  • How do I pay for classes?

    With a cheque payable to Susan Capone sent in the mail or dropped off in the metal lock box at 11601 Guelph Line, Campbellville, ON L0P1B0; along with the registration form. Another option would be by cash in person or in the green lock box; or by electronic email transfer through on-line banking. Use the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • What if I miss a class?

    All make up classes must be arranged with the instructor. Make up classes are only an option if advanced notice is given and there is space in a class during the same 8 week session. Pilates Plus Fitness sessions are non-refundable, nor transferable. This is to be fair to all, as there are only 15 spaces in a class and sometimes there are wait lists.

  • What should I bring?

    • Required items for Pilates class:

      non-slip pilates or yoga mat, 5 foot theraband, 2 lb toning ball, small hand towel and bottle of water. Wear comfortable, fitted clothing - no shoes

    • Required items for Body Tone class:

      proper athletic footwear, mat, towel, water bottle and your own hand held weights( 3 - 5 lbs). Wear comfortable, fitted workout clothing (long sleeves not recommended)

    • Required items for Flex and Flo class:

      Non-slip thin mat; no shoes required

    • Required items for Mix it UP Monday class:

      You will need to bring your own equipment depending on class type each week. Equipment will not be provided

  • Are there men in the classes?

    The classes are for women and men

  • Are there private sessions available?

    I do offer private lessons. These sessions can be for couples. I also offer corporate training programs. Please contact me for bookings and availability.

  • Will I feel better right away?

    You will leave class feeling rejuvenated. Lengthened and strengthened. Challenging movement is by choice. You decide how far you want to go.

  • What should I wear?

    Do not wear any bracelets or watches, please. Fitted, comfortable fitness clothing works well. Long sleeves are not recommended. Athletic shoes are required for the Body Tone classes. No footwear is needed for the Pilates Classes.

  • What are the health benefits of pilates?

    Muscle strengthening and lengthening!
    Toned abdominal muscles without adding bulk.
    Improved Posture!
    The movements are designed to strengthen the muscles and increase flexibility. The best part is that it works for young and old alike. The Pilates abdominal exercises require mental concentration along with coordinated breathing. This promotes balanced strength and agility in your body.
    One of the main benefits of Pilates is that it refreshes your physical and mental wellbeing. Pilates is a series of controlled movements that unite the body and mind and creates a direct connection to the muscles. You will condition your body without punishing it.

  • How fit do I have to be to join the classes?

    We are open to all fitness levels and to all shapes and sizes! I can modify exercises to accommodate individual fitness levels. Some students have never even tried Pilates before. The classes are known for the quality of instruction, quality of content and the challenging physical workouts. By the end of your 8 week session you will feel better and look better, and have learned a full routine.

  • What happens in class?

    We start off with warm up moves, proper posture and the breathing technique. The exercises will have you standing taller than ever. Posture and the starting positions are as important to each exercise, as all of the movements combined. Most of the warm up moves are done very slowly at first and you may be tempted to rush through them. Don’t! The slow movement is intended to develop power, stamina and skill. We continue with various isolative movements that strengthen the local stabilizers of the joints. Form and technique are very important and will be cued throughout every exercise. We will perform exercises on a mat, using our own body resistance and therabands. You do not need shoes. You will need your own Theraband and 2 lb toning ball. Please bring a mat, towel and bottle of water to every class. Participants may take a break; if needed, at any time.

  • I have heard the Pilates classes are quite challenging? I am not in very good shape, should I try this class?

    Yes. Of course! This class is challenging, however, different options are given for each move and fitness level. So whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will get a great workout and be able to participate at your own pace.
    These segments can also be modified to accommodate each individuals needs and ability.
    The idea is to come, be challenged and push yourself to YOUR highest ability. The moves in this class take a few times to get used to as they are very unique.
    The results if you stick with it? An amazingly fit, toned and strong body like never before!